This February we were joined by friends and family in Akumel Mexico to formally commemorate our lives together; past, present, and future!

We were blessed to have each and every person who joined us in our celebration, and we look forward to our future experiences with you, wheresoever our adventures may lead!

Keith & Laura

Wedding Details

We tied the knot on Saturday, February 25th, at the Romero estate, on the shores of the picturesque Yal-Ku lagoon, near Akumal, Mexico.

We were blessed to be joined for the week of February 21st through February 28th as we further explored the Cenotes, Mayan Ruins, beaches, and bars of the Yucatan Peninsula!

We would love you to join us as we continue our adventures, wherever they may take us!

Our Family

Thank you for giving us the direction, insight & support throughout our lives, and the courage to allow us to know that our dreams were obtainable. Without you, our lives wouldn't have been the dream that it has been, and will forever be. We will always remember the impact you have made in our lives, and no amount of words could express our true thankfulness.


Our Friends

Thank you to each and every one of our friends who have been there for us on our wonderful journey. We feel especially lucky to have so many special people in our lives. We look forward to sharing many more happy occasions with you in the years to come!


  1. Are you sure you've been together long enough to know it will work out?
  2. Aren't you already married?
  3. Is this because you're planning on having kids?
  4. Why not get married at home?

Most additional questions refer to the answers for 1-4



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